Reasons for the view not to rerender

I have a state that has a bool and an optional array.

struct ThingListState: Equatable {
    var flag: Bool = true
    var things: [Thing]? = nil

During the view's life cycle the boolean flips and optional array (that was nil) turns to an empty array.

state.flag = false
state.things = []

And after these mutations I return Effect.none from the reducer.

The problem is that the view doesn't get re-rendered after the state change. All of the rendition logic is inside WithViewStore.

Using the .debug() on my main reducer I can see the following sequence of actions and state changes:

[Things]: Evaluating WithViewStore<ThingListState, ThingListAction, ...>.body
received action:
  (No state changes)

[Things]: Evaluating WithViewStore<ThingListState, ThingListAction, ...>.body
received action:
−   things: nil,
−   flag: true,
+   things: [
+   ],
+   flag: false

[Things]: Evaluating WithViewStore<ThingListState, ThingListAction, ...>.body

The [Things] marker is placed as a debug() view modifier for WithViewStore(store) container. So I can see that the re-rendering is being requested, however the content on the screen doesn't change.

The simplified version of the ThingListView is following:

struct ThingListView: View {

    var store: Store<ThingListState, ThingListAction>

    var body: some View {
        WithViewStore(store) { viewStore in
            if viewStore.flag {
            } else if viewStore.thingStates.isEmpty {
                Text("No things.")
            } else {
            	// do the `ForEachState` with `thingStates`
            	// omitted for brevity

Am I missing something trivial?

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