Rationale for the Community Showcase category being at the very bottom of the category list?

Hi. I am a bit curious why the Community Showcase category is the last one in the list of categories. It seems to me like such a placement is giving a wrong impression of not caring much about topics covered by that category.

Furthermore, especially on mobile, it takes extra effort to scroll down the list of topics all the way to the community showcase. And, if one is not actively looking for this category, they may never organically reach it to see if there is anything interesting happening in it.

Can anything be done to improve it?

Perhaps, renaming it to something like Community News and placing it around the top? It seems to me that such a move may encourage more people to share their latest swift related news with the wider community.

But what do you think?

Community Showcase is a category explicitly intended as a place for people in the community to promote their work, which is to say, it's an area for a restricted set of advertisements. Some people are going to find the posts there interesting, which is why we allow it, but other people just don't want to see it. Respectfully, I think it's appropriate for it to be at the bottom of the categories list.


If we’re considering a rearrangement of the category list, I would still very much like to see “Using Swift” moved to the top.

The same reasoning from that thread 5 years ago still applies: new people on the forum often make posts that belong in Using Swift, but because that category is 23rd out of a large number, they never even see it in the list and post in “Development: Compiler” even though their threads have nothing to do with developing the compiler.