Quickhelp for Swift Keywords


In Swift there a lot of keywords, many are intuitive, but some aren't.
I would like see a markdown help for (all) the Swift Keywords. As result, it would be nice to see this help in the Quick Help in Xcode.


/// Functions with this keyword changes the value (etc.)

/// An autoclosure is a closure that is automatically created to wrap an expression that’s being passed as an argument to a function.
/// etc.

This help would reduce looking in the official documentation to understand a new keyword.
Maybe this also allows to write all keywords in place instead of hardcoding them into the compiler.

Please correct this example, if its wrong ;)
I hope, this is the right category.


The list of Swift keywords can be found here, although it does not describe what they do.

…where else would this go, if not in the official documentation?

I think this is a good idea, but the Swift Open Source project doesn't control the behavior of Quick Help in Xcode. You should file a bug report at https://bugreport.apple.com.


Sorry for the late answer.

@Nevin Of course, the official documentation is the right place, but currently, there is no list of every! keyword with its documented function.

@jrose Right, Xcode's Quick Help is controlled by Apple, but it's working with "normal" markup, so creating a list with documented keywords would be a job of the Swift Open Source project :) Then, Quick Help could show the help, based on the list.

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