Question related to module_interface_scoped_import_unsupported warning

Hi everyone!

During the development of our Swift library we've come across the following warning: swift/DiagnosticsFrontend.def at 759ebe65ded5b336cd5663561695e53b7b5b19ae · apple/swift · GitHub

The warning message states that this functionality is not supported "yet" although I couldn't find any further information about plans to support this functionality in the future. Is this on the roadmap?

For full context, what we would like to achieve is to build an XCFramework with a list of @_exported import class (and other member) exports from a different library. Currently we can export the import for the whole library, but it leads to frequent name collisions, as it exports more symbols than the host application needs in practice. Exporting the imports of members one-by-one would give us a better control to avoid accidental collisions when a new member is added to the exported library.

As I understand, if we would ignore the warning above, then our users would loose access to the exported members (or their interfaces) through the module interface.

I would appreciate any feedback on this topic!

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