Question Marks in the XCode Navigator Area

While attempting to build an app from a tutorial, I noticed that there are now several question marks - and even a letter A - in my navigator area. I don't know why they're there and I've never seen them before. Could someone please explain why they're there and what they mean? Should I do something to make them disappear? Please help. Thank you!

This is because versioning is activated, using Git.

? means the file is not yet followed, A means the file was added since the last commit.

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Would I be able to deactivate this in XCode? I don't even remember activating that at all. :frowning:

Inside Xcode: I don't know, I just gave it quick look and it doesn't seems possible (most likely to avoid accidental deletions for people who use it extensively)

Outside Xcode:

  • In a terminal, go inside the correct directory and do ls -la.
  • You should see a .git directory.
  • Delete it, using rm -ri .git (-r for recursive, -i to ensure you only delete what you are sur you want to delete) and restart Xcode. It should work, though I have not tested just yet.
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Thank you Alexis, I appreciate it!