Pure Swift WLAN


(Alsey Coleman Miller) #1

WiFi API for Darwin and Linux. CoreWLAN-esque API for Linux, wraps Netlink driver and Wireless Extensions.

(Alik Vovk) #2

Jeez, thats hell of a lot cool Pure Swift Libraries at the first glance :+1:

(Alsey Coleman Miller) #3

Been doing this full time since Swift was announced open source, and I have building projects for clients to this day the #PureSwift philosophy. Case in point, I had Swift Foundation value types in Swift 2 for Linux and iOS way before Swift 3 had announced that Swift overlay for Foundation.

When Swift 3 was released, all my projects were using structs for model and a struct-based Foundation, so migrating to Swift 3 was painless.

My eventual goal is port UIKit for Linux, and create a Swift-based Linux when Swift 5 introduces API stability so the OS can ship with Swift and some frameworks.

(Alsey Coleman Miller) #4

@alikvovk thanks :)

Feel free to also checkout https://github.com/MillerTechnologyPeru

We have open sourced some applications we have built using these libraries, mostly for IoT projects (Swift on Linux on ARMv7).

(Matt Eaton) #5

This is great, thank you for sharing!