Pull in chunks(ofSize:) from separate proposal?

The documentation on the chunked methods suggests that these methods are related to the existing chunks(ofSize:) method proposed separately. That proposal has been up for over a year without any progress. The functionality proposed there would fit in with the functionality present in the Algorithms package, and I suspect would have been included here if it had not already been proposed separately.

Would it make sense to consider pulling the chunks(ofSize:) functionality into Algorithms (and closing the separate Evolution proposal) so it can get the same sort of real-world testing the other functionality is getting? We'd want to get agreement from the original author of the other proposal, of course.


That would be a great addition!

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Would be great to have this in there! As I mentioned on the GitHub I can start a draft PR there as soon as possible so we can get this moving :)
Sounds good? @nnnnnnnn @bjhomer


Iā€™d say go ahead and make a PR!

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