Providing Swift overlays for C++ standard library types (GSOC)

Hello @Alex_L, @egor.zhdan and everyone else in the workgroup,

I am a senior undergraduate student in Computer Engineering and Physics departments at Middle East Technical University in Turkey. I am super excited about this year's GSoC proposal due to the focus on C++ interoperability and am eager to participate in GSoC with the “Providing Swift overlays for C++ standard library types” project.

I am pretty familiar with C++, thanks to my university's very C++ centred curriculum and my interest in the language. I have also been following Swift evolution since around Swift 3, and I have been using swift for automation/scripting for quite some time. I am interested in compilers and library development, so this will be a fantastic opportunity for me to have some hands-on experience in this domain. This project will also be my first non-trivial open-source contribution, so I am excited about this aspect as well.

Thank you for your time. I am looking forward to hearing from you.



Hey @kurabirko, thanks for reaching out, it's great to see that you're interested in the project!

The next step for you would be to start working on the proposal, which would include the outcomes that you are planning to see as a result of the work on this project, along with a rough timeline of the work. Here's some guidance from GSoC on making a high quality proposal: Writing a proposal | Google Summer of Code Guides.

You should feel free to reach out with any questions while working on the proposal, either publicly or in private messages. I would recommend you to share a draft of your proposal here on the forums before submitting the final version of it. That way that the community could provide feedback, which you could then use to improve the proposal.