Protocol requires 'delegate' to be available in iOS 13.0.0 and newer

I create a protocol with this definition.

public protocol URLSessionWebSocketTaskProtocol {

    func send(_ message: URLSessionWebSocketTask.Message, completionHandler: @escaping (Error?) -> Void)
    func receive(completionHandler: @escaping (Result<URLSessionWebSocketTask.Message, Error>) -> Void)
    func sendPing(pongReceiveHandler: @escaping (Error?) -> Void)
    func cancel(with closeCode: URLSessionWebSocketTask.CloseCode, reason: Data?)
    func resume()

and add a conformance like this to URLWebSocketTask

extension URLSessionWebSocketTask: URLSessionWebSocketTaskProtocol {}

then I realize that I need a delegate in the Protocol.
and modified the protocol with this new property .

var delegate: URLSessionTaskDelegate? { get set}

im have some troubles with URLSessionWebSocketTask confirming to URLSessionWebSocketTaskProtocol .

Protocol 'URLSessionWebSocketTaskProtocol' requires 'delegate' to be available in iOS 13.0.0 and newer

the minimum target version is iOS 13 but also adding the @available(iOS 13.0, *) to protocol definition and to extension does not solve the problem.

This should solve the compilation error:

    @available (iOS 15.0, *)
    var delegate: URLSessionTaskDelegate? { get set }

as the SessionTask's delegate property is also marked: as @available (iOS 15.0, *)

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awesome thanks it solve