[Proposal] SOAR-0008: OpenAPI document filtering

Hi Swift community!

The proposal SOAR-0008: OpenAPI document filtering for Swift OpenAPI Generator is now up and In Review.

The review period will run until October 5 - please feel free to post your feedback either as a reply to this thread, or on the pull request .


cc @beaumont


My feedback is +1, as it provides a powerful tool for controlling the size of the API one wants to call (client) or implement (server), while also offering future extensions (adding exclusion rules applied after inclusion, allowing operation-level granularity of filtering, and adding equivalent CLI options), based on real-world needs from adopters.

Following some discussion on the pull request[1] with @porglezomp, I think that we want to include filtering at the operation level (cf. path) from the start. I have updated the proposal to bring that part forward from the "Future directions" section into the proposed changes and updated the PoC branch with an implementation[2].

@Honza_Dvorsky, as this feedback was incorporated pretty late in the review period, I'm proposing we extend it for a few days to give folks an opportunity to consider the updates.

Please let me know your thoughts on the updates.

  1. Add proposal SOAR-0008: OpenAPI document filtering by simonjbeaumont · Pull Request #303 · apple/swift-openapi-generator · GitHub ↩︎

  2. Changes in v2: Operation-level filtering by tag and ID ↩︎

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Hi folks,

this proposal did not receive additional feedback after the extension last week, so it's now Ready for Implementation and considered Approved.

Thank you, @beaumont!