Proposal Monitor: I built us an app!

Hi! My name is Victor Martins and I’d like to introduce you to an app I’ve been developing.

Proposal Monitor lets you explore every Swift Evolution proposal and allows you to be notified about changes such as new proposals, review periods, acceptances and much more.

It’s available on iOS, iPadOS and visionOS (from day one). Below is a short summary of some the app’s features:

  • Push notifications can keep you up-to-date with new proposals and relevant proposal changes;
  • These updates can also be seen on your home screen using the widgets.
    They are available in multiple sizes and are compatible with widget stacks, making sure it gets to the top of the stack once there's new and relevant information.
  • You can see details about each proposal, including related proposals and discussions (such as pitches, reviews and acceptances).
    It's easy to dive in and read both the full proposals or any of its related discussions while staying in the app;
  • The proposals can be filtered by status and searched by title, authors, status, the version the proposal was implemented, and more;

I’ve been following the Swift Evolution proposals since its first years and I’ve always wanted to receive notifications about it. Over the last few years I couldn’t find an app that could do that, so I decided to build it myself and it’s been a lot of fun!

I have a lot of cool features on the roadmap for the app and I’m here sharing it with the community to hear your feedback and evolve it in the direction you are most interested in.

If you happen to be interested in it and give it a chance, tell me what you think about it and what features you'd like to see! :smile:


It’s a very beautiful app!
I love following, reading and re-reading the proposals and often look at them for reference. So your app is perfect! Thank you so much for building it!


Will a macOS version be available?

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Yes, most definitely! I plan on making the iPadOS version more powerful and then implementing a macOS version.