Proposal: Adding line/column to SourceKit's import declaration's index


(Bruno Rocha) #1

Hello guys, please forgive me and feel free to close this thread if this isn't the correct forum for this kind of discussion!

I've been playing a lot with SourceKit's index request for a few of my tools and noticed the lack of some potential features that could benefit tools that rely on SourceKit.

In my tool's case, I'm having a dire need of knowing the line and column of import declarations directly in the index request.

      key.kind: source.lang.swift.import.module.clang, "MyLibrary",
      key.filepath: "path",
      // key.line: 2,
      // key.column: 8

As most entities already provide this info, I thought it wouldn't be too disruptive if the imports also had them. My C++ is rusty, but looking at SwiftIndexing.cpp and its sister files makes me think it's possible to do so without too much trouble.

What do you guys think?

(^) #2

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(Argyrios Kyrtzidis) #3

The 'key.dependencies' entries is a set and don't directly correlate to source occurrences, meaning if you have:

import MyLibrary
import MyLibrary

You are going to see one entry for 'MyLibrary' in 'key.dependencies' entries.
But I think it would be useful to add entries to 'key.entities' representing module imports, including line info. For the above example there would be 2 entries, one for each import.

(Bruno Rocha) #4

Adding 'key.entities' entries sounds great - If I'm correct, that could also cover explicit library references in code such as:

let foo = Swift.String()

These are also currently not visible in indexSources but feel like a very useful info to identify - at least for my tool.

(Argyrios Kyrtzidis) #5

Yes, that'd be useful!

(Bruno Rocha) #6

Do you consider this a Starter task Argyrios? I would love to try to implement this, would just need some file paths and small directions as I never wandered outside the Standard Library.

(Argyrios Kyrtzidis) #7

I think so. Start a JIRA issue and we could iterate.
For module references note that SourceEntityWalker::visitModuleReference() exists as callback but IndexSwiftASTWalker is not overriding it to take advantage of it.

(Bruno Rocha) #8