Property wrapper observer not firing

I have a willSet observer that doesn't fire when using to a property wrapper. I was under the impression it should work. Am I missing something? (running on Swift 5.2, Xcode 11.4-beta)
Thanks in advance!

@propertyWrapper struct RoundedMeasurement {
    private var measurement: Measurement<UnitMass>

    init(wrappedValue: Measurement<UnitMass>) {
        measurement = wrappedValue.rounded()

    var wrappedValue: Measurement<UnitMass> {
        get { measurement }
        set { measurement = newValue.rounded() }

class Weighted {
    var weight = Measurement<UnitMass>(value: 10, unit: .kilograms) {
        willSet {
            print("New Value \(newValue.description)")

let weighted = Weighted()
// willSet only fires when the property wrapper is not used.
weighted.weight.convert(to: .pounds)
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Looks like a regression from Xcode 11.3
You can file a bug report on or

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I can also confirm the regression, please file a bug at:

Meanwhile you can workaround it by manually implementing get & set.

get {
set {
  // FIXME: Move to `willSet` when bug SR-XXXX is resolved
  do {
     print("New Value \(newValue.description)")
  _weight.wrappedValue = newValue

Looks related to

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I think what's happening here is that the call to .convert ends up calling the _modify accessor which is somehow interfering with the observers (it seems like the accessor calls wrappedValue's setter after resuming).

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