Production Vapor Projects

I apologize ahead of time if the swift forums weren't intended for this type of discussion. The point of this post is to gauge a light understanding of the state of server side swift (Vapor in particular) on the production landscape.

Does anyone have any experience using Vapor in a production capacity? If not vapor, perhaps any of the other swift web frameworks? What was / is your experience like? Are you still using it, is it more of a side / hobby project type of deal still?

We've been using Vapor to power the platform for 2 years now. Can't share exact metrics publicly but it's a large service used by many users. The system never breaks a sweat!


Lots of good examples of in production at the ServerSide.swift conference last year - ServerSide.swift (Disclosure - I'm one of the organisers)

Chris Bailey from IBM has also done a number of state of the union talks (last one was at AltConf I think) that are probably worth watching


We are using Vapor to drive our app backend and have been using it since the tail end of version 1. It's been everything you would associate with young technology, a fair few painful moments (especially migrations from Vapor 2 to Vapor 3), but the joy of writing Swift on the backend and sharing code between our app and server has been a pleasure (sharing model and endpoint descriptor code between platforms is great).

Would I recommend Vapor for a serious production environment?... yes and no. It has been a huge time sink for us when API's have drastically changed from one version to another, but I feel like that 'should' be stabilising now. Also roadmaps and documentation are a very light in areas so its very difficult to anticipate what's around the corner and how best to prepare for those changes unless you are really deep into the community. If you are prepared to spend a bit more time on a vapour app then it will reward you, but if time is of the essence then for now maybe look for a more established technology.