Prefixed name doesn't work for peer macros

@attached(peer, names: prefixed(Daedalus))

I don't understand why this doesn't work

I don't know if it's a bug if attached to an extension declaration, but your macro should work when attached to the original struct/class/actor declaration.

For me also, prefixed/suffixed does not work for macro generated protocol declarations.
Is it a bug?

I'm running into this issue as well. I am working with a Protocol and want to apply a Macro to its extension and I'm having the same error. However, if I attach it to the Protocol then it does compile and execute the macro code.

I don't know how if it's a bug or just not allowed, but it makes sense to me that it should be allowed to do this.

I'm also running into this issue. In my case when trying to generate a struct with a specific suffix on the struct name.