Preferred CLI UX: EnumerableFlag or ExpressibleByArgument

When building CLIs with Swift Argument Parser, and a value needs to be a choice among a set of string-backed enumerations, there seems to two valid styles: a @Flag enum that conforms to EnumerableFlag, or an @Option enum that conforms to ExpressibleByArgument.

I've been thinking a lot about the UX ramifications of each, and I'd be curious to hear what everyone else's thoughts, insights, and opinions are.

In some cases, I find explicit @Option names to be more clear. For example:

combine-words foo bar --output-color=red

... is much more clear than:

combine-words foo bar --red

In other cases, though, I find flags to be equally clear in their meaning, thus making the named option redundant. For example:

say foo bar --excited

... seems just as clear and intuitive as:

say foo bar --tone=excited

So maybe that's when flags are a better choice -- when an option wouldn't really add more clarity or descriptiveness? Beyond that point, the decision between flag or option seems to come down to what's more optimal: brevity or expressivity. Which, again, can always depend :joy:.

Anyways... I just wanted to get the current state of my thinking out of my head and see if the discussion helps anyone else :slightly_smiling_face: .

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