[Pre-pitch] Conditional default arguments

From: Matthew Johnson <matthew@anandabits.com>
Date: November 24, 2017 at 3:55:34 PM PST
To: Dave Abrahams <dabrahams@apple.com>
Subject: Re: [swift-evolution] [Pre-pitch] Conditional default arguments

You posted off-list. If that wasn’t intentional feel free to forward my reply to the list.

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Adding language support for defining these more directly would eliminate a lot of boilerplate

I think I understand what you’re trying to do, but it’s not obvious to me that this pattern is common enough to warrant investing language design resources or the increased language complexity of a dedicated feature.

It’s not obvious to me either. It’s not something I come across frequently, but the overloads get painful pretty quickly in the cases where I do.

When I initially added it to the manifesto I put it in the “maybe”section and called it a “pre-pitch” for this reason. I posted on list because Doug had a positive response to the idea. It may well be a case where solving it directly at the language level isn’t appropriate.

I don’t plan to push hard for it if the response is lukewarm. I’m primarily interested in finding out what the response is at this point. :)

When you say “a lot of boilerplate,” how much do you mean?

It’s a combinatoric explosion of overloads so it depends on the number of conditionally defaulted arguments.

The example I gave above is a simplification based on some code I have written. This code already requires an overload set for other reasons. Each of the base overloads requires a set providing emulated default arguments. The total size of the set is uncomfortable.

Is this a pattern you’ve observed outside your own code?

No, but I haven’t been actively looking for it. Part of the reason for posting to the list is to seek feedback and see if others have had similar cases arise.


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