Potential issue with Obj-C class extensions

After updating to Xcode 12.5, we noticed issues with one of our third-party library dependencies.

Screenshot 2021-04-30 at 13.27.20

It seems like symbols declared in an Objective-C class extension are not recognised. For example, the declaration of the highlighted method can be found here:

Note: I'm not a developer on the Leanplum project, I'm just a consumer of the library

This method is available in Xcode 12.4 with the same version of the dependency. Because of the naming of the extension LPActionContext-Internal.h, I checked if an internal header was accidentally published and later corrected, but that is not the case.

I read the "Creating C Language Targets" section of the usage documentation (the latest version of the package manager clarified a few details about umbrella headers), but I couldn't find anything that would specifically mention these type of extensions.

Installing the same dependency via CocoaPods produces no issues.

Any help is appreciated.

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