Postman post issue

I am new to Postman so here is my beginner friendly doubt. :joy::joy:

I am trying to create a POST request on Postman but its giving me an error.
I checked for possible mistakes on stack overflow and I have kept content-type as "application/json; charset=UTF-8".

ISSUE: I am not able to get a response on creating post request.

The following is the code pieces where I have created a database that have an id and some fields in it. The code is correct as far as I know.

Hi @shilpeegupta,

The issue may be that you're sending query parameters in your request, but not a JSON body.

To send a JSON body with Postman, click Body, then raw, then switch Text to JSON. You can then enter your raw JSON directly. I assume you want something like this:

@svanimpe Thanks for your quick reply but Its still giving me an error. I made sure I saved it and then clicked on send request. However, I didn't get a response.

Did you rebuild and rerun your app in Xcode?

@OxTim Oh It worked on rebuilding :sweat_smile:. Thanks!!

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