[Pitch] UIColor initialization using HEX value and Alpha value

UIColor initialization using HEX value and Alpha value.


In this proposal, we introduce an initializer for UIColor that includes Hex values and alpha values, allowing for easy conversion of a given HEX string value into a UIColor.


  • When creating an app, picking a specific color with a color picker often results in a HEX value. It was always a hassle to convert these HEX values back into RGB values.
    • When UI/UX designers provide specific colors in HEX values, it's cumbersome to convert each HEX value into RGB values and store them in an enum or create separate Assets ColorSets.
    • Managing colors becomes difficult when there are too many ColorSets in Assets.
  • I also tried extending UIColor separately, but it was inconvenient to have to extend it every time I made an app and to use the same repetitive code.
    • I even distributed and used my own library called UIKobeKit, but I felt it was unnecessary to use a library for this purpose and thought it would be really convenient if it was included in UIColor from the beginning.
    • Using a library also meant the hassle of importing it wherever needed.

Detailed design

I implemented an extension of UIColor as follows:

import UIKit

extension UIColor {
    public convenience init(hexCode: String, alpha: CGFloat) {
        var hexFormatted: String = hexCode.trimmingCharacters(in: CharacterSet.whitespacesAndNewlines).uppercased()
        if hexFormatted.hasPrefix(“#”) {
            hexFormatted = String(hexFormatted.dropFirst())
        assert(hexFormatted.count == 6, ColorError.invalidHEXCode.localizedDescription)
        var rgbColorValue: UInt64 = 0
        Scanner(string: hexFormatted).scanHexInt64(&rgbColorValue)
            red: CGFloat((rgbColorValue & 0xFF0000) >> 16) / 255.0,
            green: CGFloat((rgbColorValue & 0x00FF00) >> 8) / 255.0,
            blue: CGFloat(rgbColorValue & 0x0000FF) / 255.0,
            alpha: alpha

enum ColorError: LocalizedError {
    case invalidHEXCode
    var errorDescription: String? {
        switch self {
        case .invalidHEXCode:
            return "Use of invalid HEX CODE value."

Source compatibility

As the code design utilizes a "convenience init," there is no risk of damaging the source.
It is implemented in a way that developers can use it if they wish, ensuring compatibility.

Effect on ABI stability

This proposal has no impact on ABI stability.

Yes, this should've been added 15 years ago, but unfortunately UIColor is part of Apple's proprietary UIKit framework and not governed by Swift evolution.


I sincerely appreciate your kind response.

Based on your reply, I understand it as 'It is not possible to contribute to UIColor.' Is this interpretation correct?

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Thanks to your response.

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You can file a bug report over on feedbackassistant.apple.com (choose the "Developer Technologies & SDKs" category and "UIKit" for "which technology" and set the "type of issue" field to "Suggestion") but there's nothing we can do about it here on swift.org.


Wow, I didn't know this before, thank you so much for telling me!!

I'll try it right away.

Tim, I was touched by your kind answer.

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