[Pitch] SSWG Incubation: Swift OpenAPI Generator

Hi everyone,

I’d like to pitch Swift OpenAPI Generator, and its support libraries, for the SSWG Incubation process at the Sandbox level.


OpenAPI is a specification for documenting HTTP services. An OpenAPI document is written in either YAML or JSON, and can be read by tools to help automate workflows, such as generating the necessary code to send and receive HTTP requests.

Swift OpenAPI Generator is a SwiftPM plugin that takes an OpenAPI document and generates either the client code to perform HTTP calls or the server code to handle those calls. The generated code translates between a type‑safe representation of each operation’s input and output, and the underlying HTTP request and response.

Swift OpenAPI Generator is not tied to a specific client or server HTTP library; it allows plugging in custom libraries that provide the bridging code between the abstract representation defined in our runtime library, and the specific HTTP library. To learn more, check out the documentation.

Swift OpenAPI Generator was open sourced in May 2023 in a pre-1.0 state and continues development fully in the open. It was announced in a blog post on Swift.org and presented in Meet Swift OpenAPI Generator at WWDC 2023.

Usage of other SSWG libraries

Swift OpenAPI Generator uses the following SSWG-incubated libraries:

Included packages


Please check out the announcement on Swift.org for how to adopt the plugin, and what the generated code looks like.


We’re looking for feedback on whether this project would fit into SSWG’s Incubation process in this thread, thanks!


Personally I’m supportive of the idea/pitch :slight_smile: it’ll be great to include it in the sswg endorsed packages list!

Let’s give this some time to get feedback and prepare the review thread. We’ll figure out who can review manage it :)


+1 from me. It is clearly filing a gap which can also be seen by the great engagement from the community so far.


+1 from me too!


+1 from me.
This is a great addition to swift server eco-system


This definitely looks to have enough support to give it a proper review.

@Honza_Dvorsky would you be able to prepare a proposal in the style of those on this sswg repo and once you do we'll find a review manager for it during the next sswg meeting.

Feel free to reach out with any questions!

In the meantime any and all questions / reviews are welcome in this thread ofc :+1:

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@ktoso Opened a PR Propose Swift OpenAPI Generator by czechboy0 · Pull Request #86 · swift-server/sswg · GitHub :slight_smile:


Excellent, thank you! We’ll find a review manager within the sswg and run this soon then