[Pitch] Package Collection Generator: Supporting multiple git-hoster

Background and motivation
Currently, collections can only be created from repositories that support the GitHub-API. The generator can not be used for repositories that are hosted on GitLab, BitBucket, etc. (further called providers)

Code-wise, it is already possible to implement new providers, by implementing the PackageMetadataProvider-protocol. I implemented a provider for GitLab and it went quite smooth. The command-line-parameter for auth-tokens is also already prepared for multiple providers. What is missing, is a method to define the provider for a host / for a repository.

Open questions

  1. Inside the json that contains the repository-urls of the packages is no information which provider has to be used for it. How do we want to add this information? A few possibilities I have in mind:
    1.1. Declare the provider per host as parameter, like: gitlab:git.mycompany.com,bitbucket:bucket.mycompany.com. Contra: A bit of a hassle to add it everytime you re-generate the collection.
    1.2. Request to an API-specific URL (like git.mycompany.com/api/v4/projects) to find out which one of them it is. Contra: Scales not very well. Bombarding hosts with unnecessary requests doesn't sound good.
    1.3a. Add the provider in the input-JSON-file. For each package, it has to include the provider, like "provider": "github". Contra: Probably repeating the same information for many packages that are stored on the same host.
    1.3b. Declare the mapping of a host to the provider inside the input-JSON-file as seperate dictionary. For each host, it has to include the provider, like
    { "git.mycompany.com": "gitlab", "github.com": "github" }

From those options, I prefer 1 and 3b. Are there better options available? What do you think?

  1. Should there be an implicit logic to choose the provider based on the URL, if it contains the name of a supported provider? (github.com would choose the GitHub-provider, gitlab.mycompany.com would choose the GitLab provider and so on).
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For question 1, Iā€™m on 3b.

For question 2, I think we could have github.com, gitlab.com, bitbucket.org imply their provider because they have the authority. Implicitly inferring GitLab from gitlab.example.org is so dangerous and we should avoid.

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