[Pitch] DiscordBM for SSWG Incubation Process

Hi everyone,

I would like to pitch DiscordBM to be included in the SSWG incubation process with Sandbox maturity level.

DiscordBM is a new multi-platform Server-Side focused Swift library for interacting with the Discord API, for making bots.
It's been in public development for more than 8 months.

Some Story

DiscordBM was not supposed to become a public package. I was using it in a private project and I knew it would be a big commitment to release it to the public, considering it'll need cleaner public API, a decent amount of docs and support, etc...

What happened was that our beloved Penny bot in Vapor's Discord server was having long-standing problems, so @0xTim and Benny were working on updating her and deploying it on AWS. Though there was a problem with SketchMaster2001's fork of SwiftCord that would result in random disconnections of web-socket connections that are made to the Discord "Gateway".

Long story short, I first tried to get SketchMaster2001's SwiftCord working, but not only I failed, I also found out the library's problems don't end there and it also has some multi-threading problems which did result in a crash, on my MacBook when I was testing.

That was when I decided to publicize DiscordBM.


I believe the Swift on Server community will benefit from DiscordBM as a high-quality package to interact with the Discord API.

The library is still in beta, which I see as an opportunity to make any required refinements to the package before a stable release.


Here's a small showcase that will get a bot started and working. You'll need to acquire a 'Bot Token' and an 'App ID' through the Discord developer portal as mentioned in the README.
For full info, have a look at the README on Github.

/// First, add these 2 as dependencies
import DiscordBM
import AsyncHTTPClient

struct EntryPoint {
    static func main() async throws {
        let httpClient = HTTPClient(eventLoopGroupProvider: .createNew)

        let bot = BotGatewayManager(
            eventLoopGroup: httpClient.eventLoopGroup,
            httpClient: httpClient,
            token: YOUR_BOT_TOKEN,
            appId: Snowflake(YOUR_APP_ID),
            presence: .init( /// Set up bot's initial presence
                /// Will show up as "Playing Swift"
                activities: [.init(name: "Swift", type: .game)], 
                status: .online,
                afk: false
            /// Add all the intents you want
            intents: [.guildMessages, .messageContent]

        /// Tell the manager to connect to Discord.
        await bot.connect()

        /// Get an `AsyncStream` of `Gateway.Event`s
        let stream = await bot.makeEventsStream()

        /// Handle each event in the stream
        /// This stream will never end, therefore preventing your executable from exiting
        for await event in stream {
            switch event.data {
            case let .messageCreate(message):
                print("NEW MESSAGE!", message)

                /// Use `bot.client` to send requests to Discord
                let response = try await bot.client.createMessage(
                    channelId: message.channel_id,
                    payload: .init(content: "Got a message: '\(message.content)'")

                /// Easily decode the response to the correct type
                let message = try response.decode()

                /// You can also use the `GatewayEventHandler` protocol for more convenience
            default: break

Big +1 to this!


Hi there,
This looks pretty cool overall!

Just to note that we've seen this pitch and are thinking about it -- we'll get back to this soon! Sorry for the wait!

Ah I assume that means I need an "approval" before moving to the "proposal" stage?! :sweat_smile:
That wasn't mentioned in the incubation process documentation so I've already put up a proposal PR, I guess it's ready there if/when this moves to the next stage.

Sending the proposal is fine but the official review has to be run "by" an SSWG member yeah.

We have a bit of discussion going right now about the incubation process management so sorry that this got caught up in it and delayed a bit. We'll figure things out and get back to it here :)

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