[Pitch #2] Concurrency Interoperability with Objective-C

Hi all,

Here's an updated pitch for Concurrency Interoperability with Objective-C. The first pitch thread provided a bit of feedback, which I've incorporated into this second pitch. The specific changes:

  • Removed mention of asynchronous handlers, which will be in a separate proposal.
  • Introduced the swift_async_error Clang attribute to separate out "throwing" behavior from the swift_async attribute.
  • Added support for "Swift private" to the swift_async attribute.
  • Tuned the naming heuristics based on feedback to add (e.g) reply , replyTo , completionBlock , and variants.
  • For the rare case where we match a parameter suffix, append the text prior to the suffix to the base name.
  • Replaced the -generateCGImagesAsynchronouslyForTimes:completionHandler: example with one from PassKit.
  • Added a "Future Directions" section about NSProgress .



Does the review still start on December 10? It's only 1.5 days away from this pitch.

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That's the intent. The difference in the originally pitched document is very small.


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