Performance Test Baselines not available for Swift Packages

So I read online that performance test baselines are stored in xcshareddata/xcbaselines for xcodeproj projects, but since there is no equivalent for Swift Package Testing targets, I think there may be a bug where baselines are not being cached. When I try to save baseline metrics even though the IDE looks to have updated it (tapping the grey button in the line number column shows a value for baseline) , I get a diagnostic on the next runs like No baseline average for Clock Monotonic Time. The same applies to the default measure block metric as well.

Just wanted to confirm if this is a bug or I am missing something. Thanks for the help.

EDIT: I found some baselines stored in the .swiftpm folder, and these seem correct (they have values for a lcoal baseline). So not sure now why do I get a diagnostic in this case?

UPDATE: Going to radar this one, got nothing to lose I suppose. :joy:

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