Performance issues


I'm having some performance issues and I'm wondering what I can do about them.
I've profiled my application while loading a single large data set which inserts 639k rows in a table.
The profile hierarchy is mostly:

Document.instantiate() 48.84 s 43.73 s
        SQLite 13.96 s

So it seems quite some time is spend in GRDB itself.
Is my assumption correct?
If so, is there a way I can reduce the overhead of GRDB?

One function that seems to take quite some share of time is MutablePersistableRecord.primaryKey(_:) with 10.90 s.

Thanks in advance.

Kind regards,

Remco Poelstra

Hello @remcopoelstra,

639k rows is a lot.

Make sure you perform all your changes in a single transaction. That's key for SQLite performance.

If you want to discuss more, please open a GitHub issue, and provide enough information. A small and focused reproducible case would be great. Add detailed profiling information. And your own initial analysis of what could be eventually improved in the library. Thank you!


Also, mind that development builds are slowed down by the liberal use of assertions. Performance tests are only relevant in the release configuration.

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