Paths for local AWS Swift Lambda not working

I have already successfully set up a local, AWS Swift Lambda testing environment. I can invoke the lambda by sending a POST request to http://localhost:7000/invoke with a body formatted as a APIGateway.V2.Request object. That works properly.

Here is the payload that works properly:

    "body": "{\"email\": \"\", \"password\": \"password\",\"device_token\": \"a device token\" }",
        "stage": "",
        "requestId": "",
        "time": "",

The problem arises when I try to invoke the lambda at the path http://localhost:7000/invoke/api/v1/user/login; as this is the path — aside from the base URL — that the iOS app would use to interact with the lambda in production. When I do this I get a "404 Not Found" error.

What this means is that when I test the app locally and I change the base URL from the app's domain name to http://localhost:7000/invoke/, all of the requests will fail, as the app will apply the specific endpoint to the base URL, but the local lambda will refuse interaction with it.

How do I enable a local AWS Swift Lambda to support more than just the default /invoke path?