Passkeys for Swift Forum access, and upgrading my auth to use it?

Discourse now (as of Nov 2023) has support for passkeys (WebAuthn). It does not appear that the Swift Forum yet supports it.

I would like to request that it does, and hopefully also provide a way to change my login method from whatever it is now (username/password) to passkey.



Bump. Is there any update on this?

@mishal_shah @Nicole_Jacque?

I will look into this, and provide an update soon.


This is now enabled, let us know if you run into any issues.


I was able to set up my passkey without issue. But I don't see a way to remove password access to my account.

Thank you! I was also able to set up a passkey and log in using it from another device, all without issue.

I believe this is currently not supported by Discourse. It was brought up in the thread you linked to, but it's listed as a "possible future improvement".

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Bah. Kinda defeats the purpose of passkeys.