Passing class-constrained type as AnyObject instance behavior is not matched on Darwin and non-Darwin platform

The following code compiles fine on macOS with Xcode 15.0.

class X {
    func test1(_ o: AnyObject) {}
    func test12() { test1(Self.self) }

But it will emit a fatalError when compiling on Linux.

swift build
Building for debugging...
/Users/kyle/Downloads/DemoKit/Sources/DemoKit/DemoKit.swift:9:27: error: argument type 'Self.Type' expected to be an instance of a class or class-constrained type
    func test12() { test1(Self.self) }
error: fatalError
swift --version
Swift version 5.9.2 (swift-5.9.2-RELEASE)
Target: aarch64-unknown-linux-gnu

Anyone knows how to fix the issue?

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At first, I thought it was something due to we have implicit base class on Darwin only.

But I was wrong. Adding as! will give us hint that this cast will always success

/Users/kyle/Downloads/DemoKit/Sources/DemoKit/DemoKit.swift:9:37: warning: forced cast from 'Self.Type' to 'AnyObject' always succeeds; did you mean to use 'as'?
    func test2() { test1(Self.self as! AnyObject) }

So the final workaround is just insert "as AnyObject" manually here.

Still wondering why this is not needed on Darwin platform. And maybe we can improve this mismatch behavior upstream.

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