Pass an enum case with associated value as a method parameter?

Hello, I hope everyone is healthy!

I know it might sound stupid, but is it possible to pass an enum case with associated value "anonymously", i.e. to pass the case without any associated value provided?

enum Sport {
case football(team1: [String], team2: [String])
case basketball(team1: [String], team2: [String])
case tennis(player1: String, player2: String)

var numberOfPlayers: Int {
    switch self {
        case .football(_, _): return 11
        case .basketball(_, _): return 5
        case .tennis(_, _): return 1
// example function
func gameDetails(_ game: Sport) { 
    print("There are \(game.numberOfPlayers) player(s) per side." 

// call the function
gameDetails( "Nadal", player2: "Federer")) // Works. Prints "There are 1 player(s) per side." 

gameDetails(, _)) // Doesn't work

as seen in the switch/case statement in the computed property, the cases doesn't require values provided. I need this logic to apply to an enum case as a method parameter.

Any ideas how?


Also, "anonymously" is definitely not the right term for this concept.