Parse Error

I'm trying to read in a ParsableCommand into a App to then post a Notification on macOS, but I'm running into an error when the app is trying to parse the CommandLine arguments.

Using Xcode 13.3.1. App deployment target is 12.3.

This is the error I get:

CommandError(commandStack: [NotificationApp.Notifier], parserError: ArgumentParser.ParserError.unknownOption(ArgumentParser.InputOrigin.Element.argumentIndex(2.0), ArgumentParser.Name.short("N", allowingJoined: false)))

Here is the code:

import SwiftUI
import UserNotifications
import ArgumentParser

struct NotificationAppApp: App {
    @NSApplicationDelegateAdaptor(AppDelegate.self) var appDelegate
    @StateObject var model: ContentViewModel = {
      let model = ContentViewModel()
      do {
          let parsedResult = try Notifier.parse()
      catch {
        print("Error: Could not parse arguments")
        print(CommandLine.arguments.dropFirst().joined(separator: " "))
      return model
    var body: some Scene {
        WindowGroup {
            ContentView(model: model)

struct Notifier: ParsableCommand {

    static let configuration = CommandConfiguration(
        abstract: "A Swift command-line tool to manage notificiations")

    @Option(name: .shortAndLong, help: "The Message")
    var message: String?


extension Notifier {
  func update(_ viewModel: ContentViewModel) {
    if let message = message {
      viewModel.message = message

It looks like your command’s input includes a -N argument, which isn’t valid for your command. That error type is internal to the library, but you can get a human-readable string by calling Notifier.message(for: error) or exit with that string and a suitable error message with Notifier.exit(withError: error).