Pakage.swift specify include folder and static libarary file (.a)

I built an app using swift. This app uses C++ library called "boost" for inter process communication. And of course, I am using objc to bridge between C++ and Swift.

I've downloaded boost source in "deps/boost" folder and I compiled it.
The library file (libboost_interprocess.a) is located at "deps/build/boost".
The include path is "deps/boost/include".

In XCode I've set the include search path and I specified the library file in General->Frameworks section.

All good. Works well.

Now I want to package this with Package.swift
Here's my recipe for ObjC wrapper.

            name: "IPCManagerWrapper",
            dependencies: [
            path: "./Sources/Services/IPCManagerWrapper",
            publicHeadersPath: "Public"

How do we specify "include" folder and "static library path and name" in this target.
I hope we have a specifier like,
includePath: "deps/boost/include"
libraryFile: "deps/build/boost/libboost_interprocess.a"