Package with dependency package and included header path to that dependency

Hello guys. I'am trying to understand how to add to my package where I want to implement custom filters/shaders. The problem is in MTIShaderLib.h - file not found error. Under Build Custom Filter section of MetalPetal framework the author explains how to add MTL HEADER_SEARCH_PATH to this file. When I add this framework to an application and provide path to this header file everything works fine. But when I add it to the another package I got an error. I tried to create a project and add my package with that framework to it, provide the MTL header path to that file but nothing to help. Also tried to add different paths to #include, it didn't help either. For my situation I should add this framework like a dependency to the another package. May be I'll need to generate some module.modulemap? Here is package repo:

Thanks for reply @Smith. I'am not sure about the catkin for my case. Do you think it's the best approach for it?

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