Package manager fails when using xcodebuild in the terminal and have SwiftyBeaver as a dependency

Hello all,

I am perplexed regarding this issue as I cannot get to the bottom of it. When using SwitfyBeaver as a dependency (through SPM) when compiling the app within Xcode everything works as expected. However, when I use xcodebuild from the terminal it fails saying module is not found.

Having created an issue over at the SwitfyBeaver repository (here) the lead developer says that this is an SPM issue - if it indeed is, is there any workaround you can think for it? An MWE that outlines the steps required to reproduce the issue is provided in the GitHub issue linked.


That sounds like an Xcode problem, which can be reported with the Feedback Assistant.

It would only be SwiftPM’s fault if it also fails with the command $ swift build (and the client is a package, not an Xcode project).

aha - thanks, I'll report it through the Feedback Assistant then; sorry I posted here as per developer's directions since he conjectured the blame was on SPM.

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