`package -help` directs me to `package -help`

$ swift package -help
error: Unknown option '-help'
Usage: swift package <options> <subcommand>
  See 'package -help' for more information.

That's not the most useful help screen I've seen.

For context:

$ swift -version
Swift version 5.9 (swift-5.9-RELEASE)
Target: x86_64-unknown-linux-gnu
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Seems like a bug in the output, --help is the correct option.

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I’d suggest making -h, -help, and --help Just Work, at least if they are the only argument, because how is someone supposed to know your tool’s convention when they just got it? Bonus points for /? as well.


I think that's what the code is trying to do, I see

helpNames: [.short, .long, .customLong("help", withSingleDash: true)]

but evidently it only half works.