Overriding Bluetooth Headset volume controls for Accessibility for the elderly

I am developing an audio focussed app for Aged Care residents who prefer to use Bluetooth headphones. These users are very sensitive to volume as some of the residents have hearing aids.

When they connect Bluetooth headphones, if the headphones have been set to maximum volume - the system volume immediately becomes set to maximum volume when headphones connect. We need to avoid this behaviour as this has the potential to harm residents hearing. I would like to ignore all volume settings that occur outside of the app from the headset and action the volume buttons on the device and the MPVolumeview setting from the app only.

What is the recommended solution that adheres to the User Interface Guidelines for overriding the volume settings from an external headset?

Best to ask over on the Apple developer forums. You're talking about specific Apple functionality, not open-source Swift, which is what these forums are about

Thanks Jon, I’ve asked over there now also.

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