OpenAPIKit development against the OpenAPI spec v3.1 has begun

The OpenAPI spec recently released version 3.1. With this version, they stopped following semantic versioning standards and introduced a fair number of breaking changes to the spec (some small, some large).

I've created a new project on GitHub to track progress toward version 3.0 of OpenAPIKit (perhaps confusingly, major versions 1 and 2 of OpenAPIKit supported version 3.0.x of the specification and major version 3 will support version 3.1.x of the spec).

I'm raising this here because the project contains 17 tickets of varying difficulty, 5 of which I've even marked as "good first issues." If you've been looking for an opportunity to contribute to an open source project or you would like to learn a bit more about the OpenAPI specification, this might be your time to shine! I am happy to support anyone who wants to contribute by answering questions and providing guidance. I just request that you comment on a ticket if you are starting to work on it so we don't all implement the same thing!

For the time being, the plan is to split the project into two public modules (and one private core module) for the next release. One module will support version 3.0.x of the OpenAPI spec and the other module will support version 3.1.x of the spec and there's an easy additional module waiting to be written that offers conversion from a 3.1.x OpenAPI Document to a 3.0.x Document and vice versa. Just keep that in mind if you tear off a ticket (all tickets have descriptions of the branching and which module to work off of for the changes being implemented).

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