OpenAPI and Vapor/Kitura

After reading that a shared OpenAPI library is an area of interest for the SSWG I thought I would see what the general wants & must-haves were in this area. I am by no means an expert in the OpenAPI spec, but I've spent a fair amount of time with it in varying capacities and I have a lot of appreciation for what a full API spec can offer not just in documentation but also automated testing and a unified front on top of any number of micro services that need not even be written in the same languages much less using the same technology stack.

I would be interested in contributing to such a shared library, potentially. Although I doubt my personal goals of the past align perfectly with everyone's, I may even have some code that could be contributed (with whatever modifications made it more of a general-purpose fit). At this point I have a pretty well fleshed out Codable implementation of the spec ( and I am fairly proud of how well the spec's rules are represented at the type-level. I've spent a little time making it read alright declaratively, a little time thinking about interfaces that allow other types to generate OpenAPI components, and quite a bit of time just getting the majority of the spec built out (including most of the stuff borrowed from JSON Schema).

Again, I don't think my library is likely a good fit for pitching to this group, but perhaps some of my hard work is not too far off the mark to be useful in saving some time for whatever shared implementation is on the horizon.

Excited to hear what others are interested in with respect to OpenAPI integration into server side projects!

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