Only build the swift compiler (utils/build-script)

When I make a change to a file in the swift compiler, it often only takes a few seconds to re-compile and re-link swiftc. The build script also builds several other things so I find myself often stopping it early. Is there a way to only rebuild the compiler?

PS is there a better place for topics like this? If I just have a quick question about the build script or something similar should I create a whole forum post? Is there an IRC channel or something that would be better suited for issues like these?

I think the way most of us do this is to build the specific targets we are interested in using the underlying build tool instead of build-script. For example, if you are building with ninja, you can rebuild just the compiler (paths are for build-script --release-debuginfo on macOS).

cd ../build/Ninja-RelWithDebInfoAssert/swift-macosx-x86_64
ninja swift

To run tests, I have "" in my PATH. You can find it inside the llvm/utils/lit source directory. -sv test-macosx-x86_64
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Thanks, that is very helpful. I will do that from now on :)