Official Roadmap for Sequence-related Proposals?

There are currently a number of Sequence-related proposals that are marked with "Awaiting Review" but haven't gone through review yet.

My best bet is that most of these proposals will have to be rewritten using opaque result types. If this is the case, then most of these proposals also need a feature that allows the addition of conditional constraints on an opaque result type's associatedtypes, delaying their review further.

Can we get an official roadmap from the core team for the future direction of Sequence and Collection? This way (future) proposal writers can avoid doing any unnecessary work.

Hi Dennis,

This is definitely something we want to put out some guidance on soon.

One thing to mention: several of the proposals are also blocked by the need to back-deploy conformances. This would apply to parts of the Lazy improvements, as well as enhancing Zip2. Deciding on a good way forward for this is part of what needs to be gathered in this roadmap.



Thanks Ben. Looking forward to what the future brings.

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