October 8th, 2019

attendance: @tomerd, @Logan_Wright, @tanner0101, @IanPartridge, @johannesweiss

review minutes for last time

  • ACTION: @johannesweiss : to talk to Tony/Lily regarding goal for FoundationNetworking module
  • Ian checked how much of the image is libxml2/libssl if you take out libxml2/libssl we could save a quarter on the slim image
  • ACTION: @tomerd : to publish governance model doc
  • ACTION: @tomerd: organise out-of-band meeting for next steps SSWG

HTTP client

  • Artem working on decompression
  • Artem working on redirect limits
  • nio-extras changes landed
  • nio-extras release with decompression additions pending but should be this week
  • what about connection pool? won't make 1.0.0 but we're confident the API can support
  • we need the connection pool quite soon as it's a very important feature for an HTTP client
  • ACTION: @johannesweiss : check in with contributor mid November
  • 1.0.0 very soon, before ServerSwift.swift


  • first version is up there and works pretty well
  • larger new features would need API design

Prep for ServerSide.swift

  • few of us giving talks
  • should we do a SSWG Q&A? Possibly after Logan's talk; probably announcing that we're available for Q&A at lunch/coffee in a certain place
  • Ian, Tanner, Logan, & Johannes definitely coming to ServerSide.swift


Command-line parsing as SSWG

  • conversations if that's a good fit for the SSWG or not ongoing

NIO's API breakage tool

  • we should try to use more widely
  • at some point we should document how to use that tool (and other tools)
  • could even become an SSWG project consisting of tools and docs
  • ACTION for next time: @server-work-group: talk about the API breakage checker again
  • ACTION for next time: @server-work-group: talk about minimum CI requirements
  • ACTION for next time: @server-work-group: talk about if we should require running TSan (thread sanitizer)
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