October 4th, 2018

Incubation process:

  • Has been under review for a couple of weeks.
  • Approval or thumbs up on the PR counts as an approval.

Pitch location:

  • Where to submit SSWG pitches.
  • General agreement seems to be hosting them on the forums channel.
  • @tkremenek: Create the pitch and proposal category in Swift forums.
  • For now, the document will say post to the main forums. That is fine for the time being.

Note taking:

  • General agreement that meeting notes should be public.
  • Raw notes will be shared internally, then a volunteer will clean them up and publish.


  • @johannesweiss is working on some code to submit for the Logging API.
  • Waiting on internal requirements before posting any code.
  • Questions about how to indicate that the project is in very early stages.
  • Johannes should post that he is working on something in the existing logging thread.
  • Any cross-talk between Client and Server logging implementations? Johannes had a conference call about this. (os_log, stdlib)
  • Let's follow the Pitch and Proposal process for Logging and set an example.


  • Waiting on response from current maintainers.
  • IBM team (@IanPartridge) is willing to help contribute to updating the Dockerfiles.
  • They will start with basics first, then build on that (Swift 4.2 16.04)