October 28, 2020


Upcoming Elections

  • Elections will happen next meeting: 2 seats for Apple, 2 seats for Vapor are up
    • Tanner and Logan will pass off their seats to 2 new Vapor candidates
    • Apple will propose 2 people for next meeting as well; Konrad and TBD
    • Swift Core Team requests Tom continue sitting in on our meetings as a non-voting member. Consider whether we need to formally define the role and update the SSWG charter?

SSWG Goals

  • 2020:
    • SQLite client, MySQL client need proposals
      • Aim to get these in before our annual update
  • 2021: New group should decide on goals
    • Ideas: more packages, virtual conference, materials on how to use in production, community survey

Pitches and Proposals

Action Items

  • @Logan_Wright to discuss SQLite and MySQL proposals with new Vapor core team members

Carry forward

  • Revisit community survey idea when we put together 2021 goals.
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