October 26th, 2022


Previous Meeting Items

  • @patrick continues to make progress on Swiftly. Working on switching between tool chains and the installation script. Preparing for a demo and waiting for approvals on PRs.
  • @tomerd - looking into issue Stdio not output at correct point · Issue #61247 · apple/swift · GitHub - carry over
  • @graskind - resolved Code Coverage issue
  • @graskind - Fluent code generation - no update - carry over
  • @ktoso - Distributed Actors pitch - will require a post and release. @kmahar volunteered to assist. @ktoso will reach out to coordinate.
  • @adam-fowler working on Self hosting VSCode swift dev-container template. Will have something to share in the next 2 weeks.
  • @0xTim - working with Canonical Swift. On track to bring the author to a working group meeting in November for a discussion.
  • Distributed Tracing - @ktoso indicated real-world systems and data is better for benchmarking than synthetic data. @tachyonics , @adam-fowler , and @FranzBusch are looking into such capabilities for benchmarks - carry over

Discussion and Action Items

  • @tachyonics is close to a release candidate for a Swift Plugin for API Gateway. It has been developed for the Smoke framework. Discussions with @0xTim on trying the pluggin with the Vapor framework. It is based on the Open API spec, but does not support the full specification.

    • smoke-aws-generate has a set of plugins for generating an APIGateway Swift client from an Open API/Swagger spec. The generated client is not dependent on smoke-framework. There is currently an example of how a generated client can be integrated into a smoke-framework-based server application. @tachyonics is working with @0xTim to create a similar example for integrating a generated client into Vapor.
    • smoke-framework-application-generate has a set of plugins for generating/maintaining a smoke-framework server application based on an Open API/Swagger spec. Both packages have command-line targets to initialize a server or client package; creating a config file and package manifest that then use the plugins in the package for code generation from the API spec at build time. [Action] @ktoso will review the plugin and test it out.
  • @tachyonics inquired about practices/frameworks for integration testing in a CI/CD pipeline. These are not user tests or end-to-end system tests. It does not have to be written in Swift. [Action] @0xTim indicated their team has used Selenium and will provide a link to a public blog hat describes how Lyft performs this type of testing with Envoy.

  • [Action] - need to post meeting notes for all prior meetings - @tomerd , @0xTim , @jdmcd

  • @FranzBusch - opened a discussion on starting a centralized list of things missing from Swift Server. The group discussed various mechanisms, such as GitHub Issues, Github Project Board, and a website approach used by Rust. Group decided to start with an internal forum post, to get started. Then expand to a new method as needed. [Action] - @FranzBusch to create the initial list via a forum post an solicit feedback from the group.