October 14th, 2020

SSWG seat re-elections / changes

  • SSWGs seats are for 2 years, meaning Apple's & Vapor's seats are up for re-election in November
  • Tanner stepping down from the Vapor core team and therefore giving up his SSWG seat
  • Three new people in the Vapor core team: Gwynne Raskind, Tim Condon, Siemen Sikkema
  • the teams at Apple & Vapor propose the suggested representation before 11th November, where the new candidates will be confirmed
  • Just as a FYI, the SSWG is open for new partners, if interested, please get in touch through the forum as per the process

Updates to the incubation process

  • as discussed in previous SSWG meetings
  • mostly clarifications about what's required for the various graduation levels
  • Proposed updates in Pull Request

Pitches/proposal updates


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