October 12th, 2022


Introduction of @FranzBusch, discussion about @fabianfett switching roles at Apple (focusing on Swift on server internal production services) and @FranzBusch taking the Apple seat on his stead.

Previous meeting items

Discussion and action Items

  • @tomerd working with apple survey team to publish the survey (with minor phrasing changes)
  • Common HTTP Types: discussions ongoing
  • Self hosting VSCode swift dev-container template MS is moving to a “self hosted” model, @adam-fowler and @0xTim to create a repo to host these
  • How to proceed with package registry (@0xTim) - the swift pacakge index folks created an experiment registry that works with SwiftPM. This continues to be an area of interest for many users and companies
  • could GitHub - ChimeHQ/Impact: Crash capturing library for Apple platforms be something we could use to generate backtrace call stacks on arm64? (@adam-fowler)
    • Probably best to invest in swift-backtrace itself as the lack of arm64 is likely just a build issue of swift-backtrace. Call for action to try and fix the library to work with arm64
  • Canonical Swift distribution (@0xTim) - making good progress, should have something to demo to the workgroup by nov
    • @0xTim to invite author the a workgroup meeting
  • Is there a timeline for the release of distributed tracing (@tachyonics)?
    • @ktoso we are close but still pending on the PR review and getting the layers nailed down
    • The dilemma is on layering which may impact performance

We may also be able to provide some feedback for that soonish - we are looking at integrating it too at the moment.



That’ll be lovely, thanks!