Objc interop issue. Type 'ObjcProtocolImpl' cannot conform to protocol 'ObjcProtocol' because it has requirements that cannot be satisfied

Hello! I have an issue with using packages in swift+objc application. Here is full description of my case

So, the question is why swift doesn't see full objc signature, when objc header contains forward declaration on classes from external package? And I can fix this?
I know that i can rewrite objc to swift and it works fine, but in my real case I have over 1000 objc classes and I can't rewrite them in a short time.

Repository with example here - https://github.com/Willianlike/SwiftObjcInterop
Errors described in this file - SwiftObjcInterop/ViewController.swift at main · Willianlike/SwiftObjcInterop · GitHub