November 15th, 2018



  • @IanPartridge is working to re-license existing Swift docker project and has a PR open. Waiting for approval to move repo to Apple · GitHub.
  • Logging API: how much the API knows about logging levels will affect its ability to be optimized.
  • Getting a common Logging API that can be agreed upon as soon as possible will benefit the ecosystem. The sooner we can start discussing the proposed code on the forums, the better.
  • Storing data on EventLoop would be a nice feature in NIO 1 or 2.
  • We should see if we can move OAuth 2 pitch forward
  • @tanner0101 will push NIOPostgres pitch forward. Review from NIO and IBM team will be greatly appreciated.
  • @johannesweiss will ping @tkremenek about publicizing meeting notes (his was first posted) so that the rest can go public.
  • @tomerd will share Swift Cloud Workshop presentation as PDF and share with work group ahead of event.