November 11, 2020




  • Swift Authentication was discussed. It was thought that there is sufficient interest to merit further development of this idea.
    • @johannesweiss to contact the authors to convey opinions on next steps.
  • Swift Docker images for ARM was discussed given the impending availability of Apple Silicon Macs.
    • It is assumed that docker will be available for Apple Silicon soon, and that this will run ARM images.
      • @tomerd to contact Rosetta and Docker to see if more can be found out about both ARM based docker and the possibility of running x64 emulated docker on Apple Silicon.
    • For Swift docker images to be built, first base images and an ARM tool chain need to be assembled - this is open source so the community could help accelerate progress.
    • Once docker and images exist, the SSWG should try and create or encourage guides on how to develop and deploy on both ARM and x64 platforms including cross deployment cases where development and deployment are not on the same architecture.
      • @varland to see if an appropriate contact can be found in AWS for some experiments.
    • Community needs should be assessed (add to the proposed annual survey?)
    • Compile and runtime performance are both seen as critical metrics.
  • Replacement/reelection of members.
    • @tomerd will organise electronic election due to low attendance at this meeting.
  • Meeting time - it is anticipated that the SSWG will be differently geographically dispersed after the coming election. The new members will decide on an appropriate meeting time between themselves before the next meeting on 25th November.
  • SSWG-0016: Soto for AWS - the review proposal for SOTO for AWS was well received.
    • @kmahar will organise an electronic review between SSWG members due to low attendance to decide on the appropriate level for this proposal and feedback level and comments to the project authors.
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