Nov 10th, 2023 Special Update

We are happy to announce that Sébastien Stormacq (@sebsto) from AWS will be taking over Dave Moser (@davmoser) seat.

Sébastien is part of a team driving adoption of cloud technologies at AWS with a focus on Apple technologies such as Swift and macOS. He brings almost 30 years of experience in backend architecture and development. His main interest is in developer tools and infrastructure. He has been involved with Swift and the Swift on Sserver efforts since the first public version of Swift. He contributes to projects like the AWS Lambda Runtime, the AWS SDK for Swift, and Amplify Swift. Additionally, Sébastien is an avid technical blogger and public speaker.

Dave is refocusing his role at AWS and will be less involved with Swift on server. I would like to take the opportunity and thank Dave for his leadership in advancing the state of Swift on server.

Welcome Sébastien, and thank you Dave.


Merci Tom !


Glad to have you on board @sebsto and thanks @davmoser for helping us drive the ecosystem forward!

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